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Business Owners

Have you asked yourself:

Generate More Leads

Would you be overjoyed if you could generate more leads, get more email subscribers, and save time and money?

Lead generation is capturing the contact information of potential customers for your business. It often takes multiple encounters with a company before a person becomes a customer. You can initiate these encounters with their contact information and create compelling content that educates and informs.

The idea is to build trust and stay top of mind so that when these leads are ready to buy, they choose you.

Build a Consistent Revenue Stream

Does your business supply you with a consistent revenue stream that continues to grow?

We can develop a marketing strategy to walk users through a process by educating, engaging, and converting them into customers.

An irresistible offer will attract users, which will start the process of educating and engaging them about your business. Our goal is to help you increase traffic and boost your online revenue!

Brand Identity

Do you want to build a professional brand identity and personality that will grow with your business, create a marketing strategy that will elevate the industry, and beautifully designed and written marketing collateral that’s results-driven?

Sounds good?

YES? – If this sounds good to you…

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Your Dream. Our Mission.

Our mission is simple: To offer top-level digital marketing solutions that create lasting, tangible financial results for our clients.

working process

Discover Our Process

1. Discovery

Our kick-off meeting is called the Discovery Meeting. We’ll sit down with you to learn about your business: where it’s been, where it is now, and where you want it to go.

We’ll also determine your project’s scope, goals, timeline, and any other expectations you may have. We’ll discover solutions to achieve your brand’s vision and goals.

2. Planning

Next, we’ll develop a game plan focused on your company’s goals. This is when we start rolling up our sleeves and putting things together.

We’ll use everything we learned during our discovery process to define your brand commitment, ensuring that your message is well-thought-out. Then, we’ll present the concept to you to ensure we’ve hit the mark.

3. Execution

Once the concept is approved, we’ll bring your vision to life! Your product will go through the hands of our creative team numerous times for extensive testing and fine-tuning before it is ready to go.

Once it’s finished, you can bet it’ll be everything you’ve been hoping for.

4. Optimization

Lastly, the most crucial stage follows optimization.

We’ll monitor the campaign’s execution to ensure that the results meet your goals. Our analysts will continuously fine-tune our efforts and report the results with utmost transparency. We’re here for you for the long haul.

About Kdesigns

Kdesigns’ Story

Jean Kostal, an agency veteran, founded Kdesigns Group and has worked in the Advertising, Publishing, and Printing fields for over 30 years. She has always loved collaborating with clients and wanted more personal interaction, so she started Kdesigns.

Throughout Jean’s years in this field, she’s had the pleasure of helping companies like Inception Brewing Co., Sharpie, Bell Helmets, Cobra USA, Power Construction, King’s Court Builders, Wilson Sporting Goods, The Bahr Co., Milestones Magazine, Vantage Insurance Brokerage, AVENT, AirFone, and other clients in vacationing rentals, specialty desserts, flooring, retail, and other industries.

We are a team of creative professionals that love what we do. Each project is essential, no matter the size. We strive to create fun, meaningful, and rewarding experiences for our clients. Most importantly, we are as invested in our client’s success as they are. That’s why we have long-lasting relationships with our clients.